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My Top 5 Websites That Can Save You A Packet on Fashion!!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that everyone loves to save a bit of money. I think it is actually a bit of a no-brainer to be fair. Why would anyone want to pay full price for something when faced with the possibility of finding the exact same thing cheaper??

I'll tell you why; laziness and convenience!! Not wanting to sound harsh but it is kinda true. Over the years we have become lazy shoppers. If something isn't under one roof or at our fingertips, we can't be bothered making the effort to seek out alternatives. Even if the ultimate outcome is for the benefit of our own purses and wallets.

I used to be one of these shoppers myself until moving into my own flat and not having the comfort of a student loan payment every few months to tide me over. Then suddenly the true value of money became very evident and a change in lifestyle was ultimately necessary. Since this dramatic change in my approach to shopping, I have learnt how to be much more thrifty as well as learning to shop around for things. It's amazing how much money is wasted in the name of convenience. I also find shopping a much more fun and rewarding experience these days too.

So hands up if you would like a bit of a helping hand in order to become an even more savvy shopper?? Great, because I am going to share with you my Top 5 best websites for saving money on fashion that the world wide web has to offer!!


First up is Ebay; probably one of the obvious money saving websites. It doesn't matter what your looking for Ebay is always worth a look. (Although I have to admit until I started writing this post, I didn't realise just quite how much of a fashion gold mine this unassuming website actually is).
In addition to the regular selling options of fashion merchandise posted by the masses. There is also the option of scouring the dedicated Fashion Gallery that features over 100 famous brands. High street giants such as House of Fraser, Karen Millen, boohoo, French Connection, Office and Moda in Pelle to name just a few all have ebay stores in this section. Offering everything a fashionista on a budget could possibly be looking for; from current lines, exclusive offers through to end of season and ex-display stock at heavily discounted prices. There is even style advice and inspiration from some of the webs biggest fashion bloggers too.


My next offering is Quidco. Free to sign up to and full of voucher codes and cash-back incentives on purchases you were already going to make. You would be a fool not to make use of this hugely popular smart shopping site. Featuring a section devoted to fashion with lots of the big name brands you will wonder why you didn't shop like this before, I know I certainly have.

After a quick search of the available offers, simply click through from Quidco to the retailer and shop as you would normally. The price of the product on the retailer's site will be exactly the same as if you'd visited them directly!! The only difference is you'll be saving some money and earning some back!! Simple eh??

The bonus with Quico is you don't even have to do everything online with this site either, if you register your credit/debit cards you can even receive instant discounts on selected retailers and purchases when you visit their stores. You can also print off vouchers to use at your favourite high street stores and even better than all that, the free mobile app not only informs you of vouchers and money-off deals in your GPS located area, but also pays you cash in return for simply walking in to certain stores. So even when your only window shopping you can earn some pennies towards your next shopping spree.

 3. Fashion

How many times have you found yourself clicking away putting things in your shopping basket only to get to the check-out and wish you had a voucher code to save yourself a bit of money or at least get free delivery?? Well then, you need to get used to utilising as your go-to site. A definite must have addition to your bookmarked pages, this site is jam packed with voucher codes, offers and sales available in the UK.


We all know markets are the place to go, if we want something unique and original. The slight downside is often that you have to brave dodgy weather, crowds of people and only being able to shop on specific days can be quite inconvenient. Well not any longer, let me introduce you to the online fashion market.

This website stocks merchandise direct from Portobello, Spitalfields, Camden and Brick Lane markets, which means there is a vast array of eclectic fashions and distinctive jewellery designs by some of Britain's best young and upcoming designers at affordable prices.

On an even more purse-friendlier note; has a nifty little feature that allows the buyer to haggle with the online market trader on selected products that feature the "haggle tag". Bloody brilliant I say.
If your anything like me, then the idea of haggling with someone in person, sounds like the most horrific thing in the world (I couldn't manage to do it in Turkey; where apparently your expected to haggle- it just felt wrong, especially when the items were ridiculously cheap in the first place!!) but in this instance I would be willing to give it a try. Perhaps it has something to do with the impersonal nature of the internet?!

It's a shame more shops don't offer this kind of bargain bagging option!!

5. The Dresser

With the rise in popularity of recycling, upcycling and vintage finds, second-hand clothes shops are a great option to seek out treasures that you just will not find in the traditional high street stores for minimum prices. These special type of shops have even gotten wise to the increase of internet shoppers and there are a good number of them that have set up their own online stores to cater for the cyber shopper.
(Source: The Dresser)

Fancy getting your hands on a bit of designer gear for a fraction of the designer price tag?? Well then check out The Dresser owned by Sally Ormsby.
Specialising in the buying and selling of high end contemporary and couture second hand designer women's and menswear. The London based store also boasts an online selling space on their website, that caters for those of us who are unable to get down to London but still want to benefit from their expert finds. With the garments being second hand, The Dresser implements a no returns policy so ensure that you really want what you buy. Prices vary but when I checked the site, the cheapest products were around the £50.00 mark. Oh yeah and all sales are based on a first come, first served basis; so regular checking is a must if you want to bag the best bargains

I hope these sites help you to find some great bargains. Oh yeah and don't forget to share your successes by leaving a comment below. 

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